Your self-storage project in 5 steps

A complete self-storage project can appear to be quite complicated, especially if this is your first facility. At csc-industries, we understand that transparency between us and our customers can help to simplify your project. We’ve also developed a process that allows us to advise and assist you with your decisions at every stage of the project, ensuring a smooth project.

The following five steps represent our project management for a self-storage project :


  1. First contact

In the first step, our self-storage advisor will talk to you about your self-storage possibilities and try to understand your building layout. For us, it is important to understand your building, to provide you with an accurate and more comprehensive drawing of your site.


  1. Layout in detail

Our design team will adapt the drawings of your site according to the technical and commercial optimal design.

The project manager, who has been assigned specifically to your project, will receive all information from the drawing department. This is the person who will guide and assist you throughout the complete process.


  1. Site measurement

The project manager travels to your location to inspect the site and take accurate measurements before we start production and installation based on the agreed-upon drawing.

All information is shared among the operations team to guarantee the project’s internal efficiency.


  1. Installation

The installation team will align the layout of the boxes, and corridor… on the ground to ensure that no errors are made during installation. With everything secured, our specialized installation team will start the process of realizing your storage facility.

A WhatsApp group is made, in which the progress and any potential remarks will be communicated to the project manager.

One week before the end of installation our installation manager will check the site and make a ‘CSC snag list’. This allows the factory to quickly produce extra items that were damaged during installation. Once installation is finished you’ll be invited to a recorded inspection tour where every comment will be listed on the snag list platform.


  1. Follow up

When your facility is operational, our self-storage advisor will visit to evaluate the project and company performance… all to optimize your investment. Csc-industries is always looking for future opportunities for you.

These 5 simple steps will reduce errors and delays, with the goal of getting your facility up and running as fast as possible. We also created a VR video about our project management to give these 5 steps a more visual meaning. Feel free to check it out!



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