Self-storage solutions


Self Storage Indoor

Our in-house self-storage units are not directly accessible from the outside of the building. Users must first enter the building through a large roller door and then access their individual storage unit through their own swing or roller door.


Self storage unit

Self-storage unit are the basics for our in-house self-storage solutions.

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Operational systems

Operational system determines to what extent the accessibility of your self-storage facility and units is automated.

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Unit supervision

Unit supervision are the systems that control the access of your self-storage facility and prevent burglary.

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Additional levels

In buildings with sufficient height, mezzanine floors or additional floor levels offer many options for increasing the storage capacity.

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Self Storage Outdoor

Our outdoor self-storage units are directly accessible from the outside of the building or are separate from it. These exterior units enable unbuilt outside areas to be exploited.


Mobile units

Our mobile units are portable outdoor units, which have various storage units inside.

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Direct access unit

Direct access units make it possible for customers to transfer goods directly from the vehicle into the individual unit.

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Pro units

Our Pro units are an ideal solution for professional use.

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Our numerous years of experience have given us the self-storage expertise needed to support you in every step of the process with essential advice for defining your concept in more detail and developing the technical design. We do not only take account of your building’s technical capacities here, because its location and the desired management method also play important roles.

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CSC Industries

CSC brought the concept of self-storage from America to Europe in the early 1990s. We are literally the European pioneers in self-storage facilities. During the last few decades, we have developed and perfected our own technical systems for setting up a building for self-storage.

We realize self-storage projects for well-known international storage lessees, as well as for local investors and building owners.

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Our advice and concept definition service, enables every self-storage project to become a viable business activity for, even if you have no previous experience in the storage sector.

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