Our indoor self-storage solutions

Our in-house self-storage units are built into your new or existing building. Four main components determine how your facility looks and how it operates: The technical design and optimal layout, the extent to which access to your tenants is automated, how the facility is secured, and whether there is the possibility to work in height.

Self-storage unit

Self-storage unit are the basics for our in-house self-storage solutions. We install the necessary wall systems and hallway systems, and the intended structure and subdivision in the building. Then we continue to compartmentalize everything in different secure storage units, using roller doors and swing doors. Additionally, we can also install lockers in your self-storage facility.

Operational system

Operational system determines to what extent the accessibility of your self-storage facility and individual units is automated. Our solutions comprise manned, unmanned and hybrid. Manned system is the least automated solution and unmanned system the most automated operational system. Our hybrid solution is a manned system, but already prepared for unmanned in the future.

Unit supervision

Unit supervision are the systems that control the access of your self-storage facility and prevent burglary. On the one hand, we have the access control system that manages access to the facility and units. On the other hand, we have burglary detection that increases the security of your facility thanks to cameras, intercom, alarm and infra-red detection.

Additional floor levels

In buildings with sufficient height, mezzanine floors or additional floor levels offer many options for increasing the storage capacity. We developed our in-house intermediate floor systems to create extra storage floors or mezzanines. In addition, we also have solutions for fire retardant mezzanines.