Self Storage

Our indoor & outdoor self-storage unit facilities

We work with technical components we develop in house, and which we have perfected through years of experience, and we combine and configure them into a fully customized self-storage infrastructure.

All technical components meet the highest quality requirements for fire safety and technical standards for self-storage facilities.

Indoor self-storage units

In-house self-storage units are not directly accessible from the outside of the building. We custom-configure into the technical design all the required components to meet the desired concept and outlined layout: hallway systemsroller doors, self-storage swing doorsstorage wall systemsCassette and lockers.

In cases where there is sufficient height, we can use our floor systems to increase the available storage space, by adding additional floor levels. There are also three different types of operational systems for your self-storage facility: manned, unmanned and hybrid. These types can be combined with our unit supervision system that allows you to supervise your unit from a distance.


Self storage unit

Self-storage unit are the basics for our in-house self-storage solutions.

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Operational systems

Operational system determines to what extent the accessibility of your self-storage facility and units is automated.

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Unit supervision

Unit supervision are the systems that control the access of your self-storage facility and prevent burglary.

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Additional levels

In buildings with sufficient height, mezzanine floors or additional floor levels offer many options for increasing the storage capacity.

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Outdoor self-storage units

Got some extra space outside your home? Our mobile self-storage units are the perfect solution to exploit unbuilt outside areas. They are rapid to install and remain moveable.

Self-storage units that are accessible directly from outside always come in handy. Our direct access units make it possible for users to transfer goods directly from the vehicle to individual storage units.

Need outside units with more space? Our pro units are your answer. These units are specially developed for professionals who need easily accessible units with enough space to store equipment or even use as a workshop.


Mobile units

Our mobile units are portable outdoor units, which have various storage units inside.

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Direct access unit

Direct access units make it possible for customers to transfer goods directly from the vehicle into the individual unit.

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Pro units

Our Pro units are an ideal solution for professional use.

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