Self storage unit

Components of our self-storage unit

In the technical design, we strive for optimal layout and subdivision of the building into different closed units. We always refine and improve our design for your self-storage infrastructure until every aspect fully meets your expectations.

Hallway system

We have developed and perfected an all-in hallway system for creating self-storage spaces in buildings. We customize all the facets of the hallway system to fit your self-storage business infrastructure. It stands out for its stylish design and is the most modern self-storage system on the international market.


Our Premium doors have been developed to meet the specific requirements of self-storage. For example, the centrally located lock panel offers extra security. This format makes the lock spring inwards and disappear behind the door pillar.

Wall system

We also guarantee full customization of the walls in your self-storage infrastructure, to ensure a perfect fit with your building or warehouse. We adapt the height of our wall systems to match the hallway system.


Lockers are stacked half height units that are often installed on sites in major cities and bring high rents per m2. They are available in each corridor and door style. There is also the possibility to put any locker on normal units of your facility.

Cassette system

This system is in a style used in Europe for more than 15 years. The corridor wall panels are 500mm wide with a light corrugation profile. Screws visible in the façade are kept to a minimum with the cassette system.