Additional levels

CSC industries mezzanine for your self-storage facility

In self-storage buildings with sufficient height, mezzanine floors or entirely new floors offer many options for increasing the storage capacity. We developed our in-house intermediate floor systems to create additional floor levels or mezzanines. Naturally, this type of mezzanine floor must meet many requirements regarding load-bearing capacity and fire safety.


CSC-Industries is your best self-storage partner to optimize the lay-out and position of the mezzanine columns in such a way that a maximum of return of investment can be obtained. It is important to avoid columns in the corridors, in front of doors, in the middle of units,…

We can also realize a fully self-supporting intermediate floor for complete turnkey projects involving construction of a warehouse in a steel structure. We also offer a choice of mezzanines and new floors made of metal.

Fire retardant mezzanine

Over time are fire departments, all over Europe, more and more demanding concerning Fire Resistance of your site. Therefore we install solutions to protect mezzanines. These solutions consist, in general, out of 4 main components;

  1. Fire retardant insulation of mezzanine columns
  2. Fire retardant false ceiling to protect the bottom side of the mezzanine
  3. Fire retardant plates between the mezzanine and the building
  4. Fire retardant floor on top of the mezzanine

We can protect the mezzanine with fire retardending of 30 minutes (F30), 60 minutes (F60), 90 minutes (F90), 120 minutes (F120) or even 180 minutes (F180).